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In the footsteps of big animals

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     The Participants

Elephants, lions and rhinos, sailing ships and the Kilimanjaro in the background - Tanzania presents its natural beauties and its promotion of green tourism. The eye-catcher of the stand, a reed-covered hut of a height of six and a half metres, is a "traditional" dwelling only at first sight. It is an exact reproduction of a guest bungalow on Chumbe Island, which is presented as a model for an environmentally harmless method of building tourist accommodations in preserved areas. The method of waste water removal without residues is especially important for the coral protection near the little islands in front of Zanzibar.

Also the world-famous Serengeti and the game reserves of Ngorongoro and Selous are presented. The stand floor contains traces of many animals. Especially for children it is fun to step into the footprints of rhinoceroses, buffaloes, lions and, of course, elephants.

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 Nation: Tanzania
 National Day: 08.08.00
Synopsis of Participants