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Waters and banks

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     The Participants

"To" means "stretch of water" and "Go" means "bank". The republic, which became independent in 1960, gave itself the name of the lagoon village Togo. And also at the EXPO stand of Togo, water is the centre of everything.

Under the motto "Nutrition and health in Togo through the supply of sufficiently clean water", the country presents devices for extracting water. These are mostly plants which are produced in Togo itself. An artistic representation of the water cycle clarifies why many dry areas in Africa can only be watered with the help of drilled wells.

Another highlight of the exhibition: loans from the museum of the capital Lomé, which give an insight into the history of the country at the ancient "slave coast" that was also a German colony once.

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 Nation: Togo
 National Day: 25.10.00
Synopsis of Participants