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In the royal palace

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     The Participants

Visitors entering the Republic of Cameroon's exhibition are made to feel like royalty. The row of columns leading up to the exact copy of the original gate is designed to let visitors experience what it is like to enter the traditional royal palace in the grassland region of Cameroon. Each of the ten columns is carved from a different species of wood. They represent the ten provinces that make up Cameroon. Behind the columns are life-size dolls dressed in the Cameroon national costume.

In the interior of the royal palace where the walls are painted with frescoes, visitors can discover the cultural and scenic variety of this West African country. The environmental projects "Mount Cameroon" and "Waza Logone" are presented to visitors with the aid of videos. Both are registered as Projects around the World by the EXPO.

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 Nation: Cameroon
 National Day: 13.07.00
Synopsis of Participants